Who Benefits from the Case Management Program

Case Management serves individuals across nine counties in Western Pennsylvania who are experiencing problems related to drugs and/or alcohol. The main goal of this service is to increase an individual’s level of self-sufficiency based on their specific needs.

You can benefit from Case Management services at any stage of recovery, whether you are in or out of treatment. Our goal is to eliminate a lot of the other worries and difficulties you may have in life so that you can focus solely on recovery. We have many available resources that we can connect you with in order to meet your specific needs. Sometimes, even having an ear to listen to you can make all the difference. Rest-assured, you will be walking into a judgment free environment and will be treated with dignity, respect, confidentiality and full transparency.

The Process: How Case Management Works

After the first phone call, we will conduct an initial assessment to determine your needs and level of care. If treatment is necessary, we will immediately go to work on your behalf and get you into the right treatment facility. From there, you will be matched with a Case Manager who will walk with you on your journey of recovery, beginning on day one.

Case Management Services
Encompass a Wide Range of Needs

Maybe you want to get into a treatment facility right away. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been to treatment before, you can count on us to get you the help you need. Maybe you can’t find a ride to the grocery store or you need childcare so you can go on a job interview. We can help with those, too.  And if we can’t fulfill a specific need, you can rest-assured, we will find someone who can.

Our Case Managers Are Here To Guide You

A Case Manager is a professionally trained expert who will help you in your recovery process by evaluating your strengths and needs, assisting you with setting goals, linking you to the appropriate services, advocating for your rights and coaching you as you work toward achieving your goals.

See Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About the Case Management Program

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